Kerala Government: COVID-19 Kasargod Police

Kerala Government: COVID-19 Kasargod Police

COVID-19, the global pandemic that brought life to a standstill was one of the toughest battles that humanity has had to face. The remarkable and exemplary efforts taken by the Government of Kerala to tackle such an unprecedented situation has got leaders world over to praise and emulate its robust strategy to ‘Break the Chain’. As a Digital Marketing agency, it was our pleasure to be associated for this community cause with the Police Commissionerate Cochin and launch the ‘Kasargod Turnaround- COVID 19’ initiative. The objective was to digitally unify people for the fight against COVID and educate them on the precautionary measures to be taken. The herculean task of building community awareness in a crucially time pressed situation was the prime agenda handed over to us.


People Reached


Increase in activity on government social media channels

Successful flattening
of the curve

  • Campaign to reach out to quarantined people to make them aware of Government help
  • Campaign to assist stranded foreign nationals and connect them to the Police for help
  • Triple lockdown awareness building to overcome the patient density in hotspot areas
  • Release awareness messages on the availability of essential items made accessible
  • Deliver community messages on symptoms of Coronavirus, exposure, lockdown guidelines, food procurement, daily life management
  • Curb the spread of fake news
  • Rigid mindset issues of the community
Our Solution
  • A series of awareness campaigns were developed and activated with innovative content strategy that captured the attention of the community and inspired them to follow guidelines.
  • Influencer campaigns were used to appeal to the masses
  • Strategies to widen the organic reach of the campaigns were implemented
  • Cross post network campaigns were extensively used
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Display networks were employed
  • ‘Quick Doc’ initiative for immediate medical consultation was launched
  • Registration portals for foreigners’ detail collection and assistance was developed and released

To be a part of this noble cause and be associated with the Government of Kerala to put up this digital fight against COVID-19 was indeed a one of a kind experience and the fact that the government officials chose us as their trusted Digital marketing agency made our effort victorious by itself.

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