10 signs if your SEO Company Is Helping or Killing Your Website in Dubai

10 signs if your SEO Company Is Helping or Killing Your Website in Dubai

We live in a digital era where millions of people search online to find information, purchase products and services and much more. Taking good advantage of this growing trend, both large and small businesses in Dubai and across the globe have invested huge amount in digital marketing to get good ranking in search engines. It’s seen that in most cases, companies entrust entire digital marketing to SEO service providers without realizing they are helping or harming their business as either they may not have time or they may not have the necessary expertise to understand online marketing.

Hold on, we are not here to discourage you regarding hiring of digital marketing services as we definitely require the assistance of these professionals to stay ahead of competitors in the digital arena. But we would like to enlighten you regarding the fraudsters who may take advantage of you and your money.

So, let`s quickly go through some signs to know if your digital marketing agency is harming or helping your business in Dubai-

They cannot explain themselves-

Good results and increased search engine ranking are definitely the signs of a successful SEO campaign. But that`s not all, in some cases you can’t see any visible results as it may take  months to reflect on the website and it is a great idea to consult with the SEO company and ask them what they are exactly doing to assist with your SEO campaign. If they cannot give good explanation that means something is not right. While SEO might take time to reflect on your website but you can still receive some form of deliverable information from your SEO Company like Site URL analysis, SEO audit documentation, and also the samples of optimized content that are to be posted on your site, etc.

They do not consult with you for information-

In order to successfully run an SEO campaign, you need to know a lot about the website that you are working with. The SEO Company in Dubai that you are working with might need access to your Google analytics, social media, and sometimes additional permissions too. If they are not consulting with you for even a list of target keywords, chances are that they are just resorting to unethical practices just so that they can increase your ranking without putting in any serious effort.

They do not provide any feedback

Digital marketing company in Dubai primarily focus on ensuring that your website excels and ranks higher in search engine results. As a matter of fact, they will have a lot of feedback on your website and may suggest recommended changes. If they are not giving proper feedback with what is being done on your website, chances are that they don’t do things with your best interest in mind.

Your website ranking drops lower than before-

In most cases, SEO work can boost your ranking quickly. Although full optimization of your website can take weeks or months. If a sudden drop in ranking occurs once you start associating with an SEO agency in Dubai, it might mean that something has been done incorrectly. Hiring the assistance of a good digital marketing agency in UAE can go a long way in ensuring that your website ranks higher in Google and other prominent search engines.

Your website receives a manual penalty-

A manual penalty is simply Google`s way of removing certain web pages from the search engines. Believe me, it’s one of the worst thing that can happen to your website as it can lower your ranking to the depth. If you receive a penalty, you need to consult with the SEO agency and enquire about the same. If this happens again, then it means that something is definitely suspicious.

Your website is getting ranking from wrong keywords-

When you work with a SEO company, they usually ask you for a list of target keywords. If you do not have any in mind, the agency will prepare a list of keywords that they think is suitable for your business. If you notice that you are no longer ranking for a keyword, you previously ranked for or you are ranking for the wrong keywords, then you should be definitely concerned.

There is suspicious link back growth-

Having good backlinks can definitely boost your reach and ranking but having a lot of backlinks from suspicious sites can indicate that you are cheating the system and will be penalized.

Your views drops lower than before-

A sudden drop in website traffic can be the result of a penalty. If this happens, consult your SEO agency and enquire the reason for the same.

They keep their techniques confidential-

As a business owner you should be aware of the techniques used by your SEO agency to improve your online visibility. But if the SEO professionals do not share this information, then it’s not a good sign.

They guarantee first position for your top keywords-

What you should you do when a digital marketing agency in Dubai guarantees first page or first place ranking for your keywords? Yes you are right, RUN!

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