Top 11 Ecommerce Marketing Trends in Dubai

Top 11 Ecommerce Marketing Trends in Dubai

The ecommerce sector have experienced a significant boom with the advent of Covid 19, as the pandemic had pushed many customers to look for products and services online. A lot of ecommerce companies are planning their strategy by keeping customer service as their topmost priority being aware of the fact that it is one of the main factor that aids the growth of any business.

Digital marketing agency in UAE is striving hard to take their ecommerce business to the next level in the year 2022. As we move ahead, it’s absolutely necessary to know what is trending in the market to be ahead of the competition.

Here are top ecommerce trends followed by Digital marketing agency in Dubai that you have to definitely look out for-

Mobile shopping is on the rise

Mobile phones can be accessed from anywhere which is an added advantage for e-commerce companies. As a result, a brand definitely needs to improve the mobile shopping experience for its customers to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Connect with social media platforms

Brands need to be more creative in engaging with their consumers as the number of people who shop through social media is on the rise. Ecommerce businesses can take the assistance of social media influencers to increase their chances of being discovered by the target audience.

New payment options are emerging

Most consumers cancel their orders as the payment options may not be as per their liking. Hence, it’s important to introduce a variety of payment options so as to increase conversion rates.

Growing volume of voice search

As people nowadays are more on smartphones and tablets, they are relying more on voice assistants to complete their daily tasks. The way consumers are browsing online is constantly changing and e-commerce sites will have to optimize their content for voice search now than ever before.

Personalization is the future

Personalization was earlier for email campaigns alone but now with changing technological capabilities, online experiences are a key driver for increasing sales.

Dynamic pricing to gain more attention

In order to attract new customers, stay competitive and to increase the demand for a particular product, pricing should be correctly done after proper research.

Domination of visual commerce

Instead of a static image, use interactive and engaging video content to attract consumers.

Free shipping with free returns

Free shipping and free returns will continue to gain popularity in 2022.

Importance of user- generated content

Consumers now trust word-of-mouth marketing i.e., online reviews and other user-generated content more than ever before. This influences buyer confidence, trust and also the customer engagement rate.

Popularisation of green consumerism

Nowadays, more and more consumers are looking for products that have been produced in an eco-friendly way and also that which preserves the environment.

Live chat to improve shopping experience

Emails and calls are outdated as people are more interested in quick responses to their queries. Live chats are a great way to interact with consumers and help them discover and buy what they want. This can increase the chances of sales and improve the customer shopping experience. You can hire the expertise of a renowned digital marketing company in Dubai for boosting your e-commerce business.

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