5 latest PPC adwords features and how it works in dubai

5 latest PPC Adwords Features and How it Works in Dubai

Google AdWords is a very effective digital marketing platform. Studies show that the yearly Google searches are around 1.2 Trillion worldwide which roughly comes down to 3.5 billion searches per day with 40 thousand searches per second. The amazing fact is that Google is also the top search engine that proudly occupies 92% of the search engine market worldwide.

Dubai is a very modernized and advanced Emirate in UAE where almost 94% of the population has access to the internet.  This means that opting for result driven PPC AdWords in Dubai could be your ultimate game changer in the region.

The Google AdWords is a paid digital marketing platform that runs on PAY PER CLICK or PAY PER IMPRESSION advertisement models. The different Google AdWords tools from a renowned digital marketing agency in UAE allows you to optimize your campaigns to suit your budget and preferences. Did you know that Google has recently released new smart features and ways to buy ads on its different channels?

Let’s skim through further and see what the latest features are and how we can make it work our way.

Get free listing on Google Shopping!

Do not get me wrong on this! Google Shopping is still a paid PPC channel, but the good news is that you can also enjoy its free traffic. Why this free option is made available? With the introduction of the new shopping channel, Google ousted most of other price comparison websites like Shopping.com, Shopzilla, and Bizrate from its SERP.

How to make it work your way?

 Firstly start optimizing your shopping ads to understand what products click and convert the most. To get your shopping reports, you can use SEISO (a free Google shopping analyser). Then you can adjust your product feed and pages to ensure that you put your focus on those products that are actually margin positive. You can always get the assistance of a PPC Agency Dubai that offers market tested paid advertising services which holds the potential to boost your ROI.

Get impressions for display, only pay for sales!

Display formats are not the kind of ads you normally might think of when it comes to online acquisition. In fact these are more popular for brand awareness and influence targets. Now Google is here to convince you otherwise regarding display formats. You might be thinking why. Because Google has so much of data related to user profile and their intentions. This can in turn help you predict what they are likely to buy. Google can easily gather this data from user`s search queries, the media they consume and also from the receipts of their past purchases received in the Gmail. Yes, the Google Algorithm is enough to find which video game console the user wants and shows him the relevant ads. As a result, the ad is more likely to convert and Google will get a higher revenue per page by only displaying ads that are sure to convert.

How to make it work your way?

  • You can use Smart Display with a tCPA or tROAS bidding strategy. This lets you enjoy the benefits of the Smart Display framework without losing the control.
  • As per 13000+ Google Ads accounts audited by SEISO, the ones that are identified to target the most are, `Similar Converters’ and `Custom intent on your competitors’.

Just give a try on the Audience analysis section of SEISO so as to identify which audience is the most relevant for you and your business. And the good news is that you can try it absolutely free of any charges! You can also get assistance of a good digital marketing company in Dubai to attract traffic, get clicks and convert them into business.

Customer acquisition sounds good, but what about new customer acquisition?

Did you know that all conversions are not born equal? As per acquisition channels, a purchase on your website from a new customer has more value than a purchase made by a returning customer. Do not get us wrong on this! Of course, loyalty is the core, and you need to take good care of existing customers too. The balance between acquisition and loyalty is the key to maximize your customer`s lifetime value.

Once you have fairly good idea of how much money you can expect from user in the long run, you can easily decide the amount you are planning to pay for an old and new customer. With Google Shopping, you can take the lifetime value into consideration and use the `New Customer Acquisition’ option from the settings option of your `Smart Shopping Campaign’. From here you can easily view the incremental price you are willing to pay per conversion for a new customer vs. a returning one.

How to make it work your way?

There are two ways to track your new customers which are given as follows-

  • Check that your Google Ads account and Google Analytics accounts are connected.  This ensures that the algorithm is aware of all the sales that are made on your website, even if the same is coming from another channel.
  • Try to set differentiated tags for new and old customers as you need to show one or other tag depending on the status of the customer.

The Apt Digital is one of the Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai that assists you to choose the most optimized campaign strategy that converts leads and boost your business growth at cost-effective prices.

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