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How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search and How Does Google Voice Search Work?

Voice Search- the speech recognition technology in which a user is enabled to search a term/word or a sentence directly using a voice command. The technology has been launched by Google back in 2009, there on further services and applications have been added. Today the giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are contesting to proffer the best voice search technology and as consumers, people are more used to talking with smartphones with smart speakers and voice assistants. What of the Google search percentage is voice search? Voice search is now a commonly used digital marketing tool and the fastest-growing form of online search. Furthermore, according to Google’s Voice Search Insight Report 2022, more than a quarter, ie., 27% of the global online population is using the voice search feature on their smartphone or devices.

But have you ever wondered how this works? Or the impact voice search can make on marketing strategy? Let’s have a look in detail at the voice search optimization of the website and its working. If you’re running a small-scale business, it’s better to start thinking about ways to optimize your website for voice search. People already implement it to discover what they are searching for. If you’re doubtful about accomplishing the same in your business, simply opt for a Digital Marketing Agency in UAE to help you get it done right.

How does Voice Search work:

Technically speaking, processing voice search technology requires a lot of computer power which is often available through cloud computing. After the voice is converted to text, the algorithm of the Natural Language Processing technique augmented by artificial intelligence allows the machine to interpret the natural language. For a computer, interpreting a language is exceedingly challenging. Speeches are constructed from a variety of levels and components. Logical thinking, semantics, syntax, and morphology come first. Additionally, each word must be contextualized, and the computer must be able to analyze phonetics and intonation. The machine is also tasked with providing the most comprehensible responses. Written and spoken requests are distinct from one another. Think of an illustration. You would type “cake baking beginner ” into Google to find information about a recipe. You’ll probably say, “Ok Google, I’d want to bake a cake easy and short,” if you have a voice assistant. These questions are less conventional, more standard, and more natural.

Do customers value voice search? Absolutely. In 2020, the global smart speaker industry managed to generate 15.6 billion US dollars in sales. According to projections, it might represent more than 35.5 billion in 2025. 43% of middle-aged persons who have a voice assistant utilize it throughout the shopping process, according to the Narvar Consumer Report 2018. 

Voice Search impacts in SEO & Digital Strategy

How does voice search operate from a business perspective? How should businesses prepare for this revolution? To do better in voice search activities, businesses should adopt a voice strategy as part of their digital marketing objectives. This choice might enhance client satisfaction and provide the business with a competitive edge.

Consider the following points:

  • Voice apps:

Google and Amazon provide the possibility for developers to have the option to build their voice apps. For instance well-known fast food companies like Starbucks and Domino’s employ voice applications wonderfully. You can design an application for taking orders or a system to provide ideas or information. Each of these apps has some unique features.

  • Voice Search Optimization (VSO) on your website:  

A VSO strategy’s principal goal is to produce content that can address users’ inquiries. It could be helpful to arrange your material or have a FAQ area on your website to achieve this goal. You should prepare a few succinct and comprehensive responses, and organize them through tags.

  • VSO on other digital assets:

A Google MyBusiness tab with the right information, a well-run YouTube channel, or a social media page, and such parts of a digital marketing strategy can be voice search optimized.

Towards an effective SEO strategy:

If you’re already aware of the current SEO trends and strategies you might be already looking for the best SEO Company in Dubai to get the job done. When we talk about voice search trends, it’s the users in the aggregate. The SEO trends vary according to the audience and other factors. If you own a large-scale industry or SME, the audience may vary based on the product and place, in many different ways. The fact is that before you go for an SEO trend, be sure about your audience. Assure that you have a perfect reason to optimize the strategy and adopt new ones. Whatsoever, content is content and optimization is optimization, no matter what you obsess over to get it ranked. Consult a good digital marketing executive to know more about the recent trends and to take your business the right way.


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