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Impact of Web Design and Development on Digital Marketing Strategy

In this scenario where digital platforms are getting a projectile in society, you should be socially active to establish yourself. Whatever your product or service is, it should be recognized by people. But recognition shouldn’t be limited to your circle or a small area. It should be recognized worldwide. It should be possible for people to look up to you regardless of where they are. But how? The exact answer to this question is “creating an online space of your own and a brand identity”. But the concept of “creating an online space” can be viewed as a pool that offers numerous options to choose from. Among these, web development is the first and most fundamental step.

To put it simply, developing a website is just another way of letting the world know “who you are!”. Hence website development holds a major role in the digital marketing strategies of your brand. Because it is the channel where you let people know more about you and convert the visitors into your clients. No matter how powerful your digital marketing strategies are, it is useless if you lack an online presence. Having an appealing website is the first step to gaining people’s attention and showing that you are interesting and worthy of their attention. So it is highly recommended to invest in web development.

Those firms who wish to rebrand will revamp their websites, giving them an entirely new “look and feel,” in order to gain more attention, increase engagement, and lower bounce rates. A reduced bounce rate is one of the best strategies to increase the rating of your site and place it at the top of the list. As we are a Web Development Company in Dubai, we are delivering our thoughts from our experience. In this blog, we will help you understand how your website acts as one of the best digital marketing tools for your business!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The method of boosting website traffic and optimizing it to raise your site’s ranking in search engines is known as search engine optimization. Since SEO works well with websites, it is a must to have a website to increase your visibility. SEO is one of the principal reasons why most firms go for a website redesign. Certain elements such as meta description, meta tags, and alt tags are some of the key components of SEO that can only be added in the backend of a website. This itself depicts the importance of web development in digital marketing. Also, Google doesn’t encourage duplicate content. Hence producing unique and catchy content with relevant keywords on your website is another way to make it SEO-friendly.  Since the google algorithm updates from time to time, it affects your ranking. Hence having a website and making modifications in accordance with google trends is the easiest approach to keep up your position at top of the graph without tumbling.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Your website design has a huge impact on the conversion rate of your business. For those who are wondering “how,” here is the answer. Will you spend a lot of time on a website that doesn’t look appealing? Will you consider using their services? Your answer to this would probably be a big NO. This is the reason why we say that it is always important to create a visually appealing website that showcases your offerings, portfolio, and everything that tells the world about you.  This alone enables a higher conversion by attracting more users. But something that you should always keep in mind while designing a website is, it should be minimal in appearance but rich in functionality. Complex designs may result in high loading time and slower processing speed which may lead the users to lose interest in you and results in a higher bounce rate. You must strike a balance between performance and simplicity so as to obtain a better CRO.

User Experience (UX)

A user-friendly website is one that always gains attention and generates more traffic. Hence UX is something inevitable in digital marketing strategies. There are certain things to remember while developing a website to bring out an intuitive UX design. Using very large images may lead to slower website speed and this badly affects the traffic. Furthermore, ensure that the site has a fast-loading speed and, all the buttons and links are easily clickable and accessible without any troubles. Another way to make the website more user-friendly is, to make it responsive. No matter which device the user has, the website must be responsive enough to fit perfectly onto the user’s screen without compromising the loading speed.


Still, there are some people who continue to believe that branding and website development has nothing to do with one another. But there is! This is the first step to building trust among the targeted audience. And trust is the core of branding. Just seeing a captivating website with all the details people are looking for can create a sense of trust and confidence among your targeted audience.  Branding is all about creating a positive and good feeling in people’s minds. If you fail to design an appealing website, then customers are more likely to get a distorted impression of you and this holds them back from being your clients.

Summing up

In this digital age, everyone is looking up to the internet before accessing any services from anyone to confirm their reliability, review their highlights, and determine what sets them apart from the competition.  A website is the first thing that presents you to your audience. Hence your website should portray all our important information and everything the audience is searching for. This is the initial point where you build a link with your visitor. Also, you should keep an eye on the analytics of your site and make sure that you make the needed changes based on the insights you receive from the analytics report. It is critical to get adapted to the changing digital marketing trends so as to stay stable in the industry. And, your website is a powerful digital marketing tool if used efficiently. Since we are recognized as one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency in UAETheaptdigital you can reach out to us to build a website for your business at any time.

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