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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media

It is the dream of every marketer to drive high website traffic, a crucial element in digital business growth. Social media platforms are a great way to attract traffic to your website, as people spend a lot of time on these networks.
Here are some useful social media tips to convert your visitors to leads.

Optimize your Social Media Profiles

Make a great first impression with your social media profile. Do not miss any important information while filling your profile details. Ensure your social media biographies include the right set of keywords. Add a link to your website’s home page as it conveys a sense of brand credibility. Also, add branded cover images featuring your logo and products.

Engage with your audiences consistently

Social media helps in connecting you with your target audience directly. You can obtain feedback in real-time, and improve the customer experience. It is an effective way to boost traffic to your website. Use relevant hashtags, when sharing your own content. Spark up genuine conversations with people who include them in the social media post. Contribute to relevant forums.

Focus on sharing visual content

Images and visual content, in general get more views, likes, clicks and reshares than any other type of post. You can add elements like graphics, infographics, GIFs, videos, photos and animations to your content and make it unique and appealing. You can also utilize visual content sharing platforms. Create out of the box visuals that speak volumes about your brand and niche products.

Post consistently

Posting regularly on your social media can help you develop an excellent social media marketing strategy. Being proactive pays. Optimize your publishing activity using social media management tools. You need to post when your target audience is most active. There are tools to help you determine their ‘peak time’, allowing you to tailor your posting schedules around their daily routines.

Promote your blog posts

Creating quality blog posts and sharing them through social media can generate a number of new leads. You can also repurpose your blog posts to utilize them better. Promoting your blog content with a variety of messages will keep your feed fresh and attract more visitors to your website.

Create Viral Content

Viral content is quintessential to drive traffic. Hilarious memes with secure messages and funny captions can be incorporated into your brands/products. Take care to stay away from sensitive issues. Videos must be appealing to the human senses. Use unique, enticing and relatable content.

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