Best Practises and Trends for Social Media Creative Design in Dubai

Best Practises and Trends for Social Media Creative Design in Dubai

Today, we are inundated with information. It comes from all directions, whether we are online or offline. Our sense system gets and delivers information to the brain. Perception refers to the process of perceiving and understanding stimuli. Visual perception is the most important type of perception since it accounts for 90% of the information that enters our brains.

There is a compiled list of design recommendations that will help you produce masterful visuals for social media.


The contrast is appealing to human sight. Color, size, texture, form, layout, and typography are all examples of contrast. It stimulates human visual senses and draws attention, which is especially crucial nowadays when people just skim through news feeds for a few seconds.

Contrast is a useful tool for arranging a few graphical components and drawing attention to a certain visual aspect. Contrast may either improve a design concept, link and complement pieces, or render the entire image meaningless and confused.


It’s much more difficult to get people to read text on an image than it is to get them to recognize the picture. As a result, choosing the proper typeface and structure is critical when creating pictures for social media.

Statistics show that the number of smartphone netizens will reach 186.3 million per month by 2020. Consider this number when creating another graphic with text, and ensure that your content is legible on a smartphone screen.

On social media, people dislike sophisticated typography. Users need your message to be clear and understandable, therefore prioritise readability. Images with a lot of text, on the other hand, can be tedious. Try adding similar icons to your message or experimenting with sizes, colours, and weights.


Colors, as said earlier, have an exceptional capacity to alter people’s moods and produce varied feelings depending on their cultural and personal histories. When selecting the appropriate colour, the designer should consider the message to be conveyed, the company’s tone of voice, and the characteristics of a particular social media network.

The basic goal is to create an eye-catching picture. Few visitors visit a company’s page to see what new posts have been made. The majority of page followers check for updates by skimming through news feeds. So you have less than a second to get a person to read your message.

Avoid using the same colours over and over again. Even if you currently have a bespoke colour palette that expresses your brand’s individuality, try to include fresh hues. Don’t be scared to experiment with vivid colours. To increase social media engagement, surprise page followers with a new splash of colour. At the same time, maintain balance; you don’t want your photographs to appear cluttered.


The term “style” in design has a broad definition. It’s a sophisticated mix of colours, fonts, compositions, and other elements. A design’s style helps it to stand out.

Some designers think that adhering to a single style is detrimental to their portfolio. To advance professionally, it is critical to experiment with new techniques and approaches. This applies to the creation of social media images. Broaden your approach to amaze page followers with various design ideas, and they’ll never grow tired of your company’s content.


Make a couple templates for similar types of material. If you produce tutorial announcements on a weekly basis, you may use the same template for each one. Your audience will know where the post came from and what type of message it conveys.

Another advantage of using templates is that non-designers can easily create a quick social media post. Create a few go-to templates to save time.


One easy idea is to include branding. Visuals are often shared on social media networks. Make sure that the branding you apply to each image allows consumers to recognise your organisation. Unless your organisation is world-famous and its logo is well-known, it is preferable to mention your company’s name or website rather than include a logo.

Your branding should not detract from the message you want to convey, but it should be simple to locate once someone begins looking for it.

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