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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Here Are 6 Ways to Improve It

Smartphones have quickly transformed from being expensive and exciting technology to a daily part of our lives. Today it`s almost impossible for anyone to leave their house without their smartphone. From hospital lobbies to bus stations and almost everywhere you could see people ogling into their phones.

Website owners, take note, its past time for your website to render an excellent mobile friendly experience. The first time mobile internet usage surpassed that of computer is during the year 2016. There is no going back. The trend has only risen since then. More than half of website traffic across the globe comes from smartphones.

Having a mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour. If your mobile visitors do Our Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai is here to help you grow your business by optimizing your websites for different screens and also drive traffic to your website from the organic search results.

How can I know if my website is mobile friendly?

If your website was built or updated within the last few years, the web developer would surely have the mobile experience on top of their mind. Get in touch with our Digital Marketing Agency in UAE for professional assistance regarding your website design and development.

Before you start worrying if your website is mobile friendly or not, there are few resources on the internet that lets you check your website status. Google provides you with a mobile friendly website testing tool that not only lets you know whether your website is mobile friendly or not, but also a screenshot on how the website will look on a mobile screen with recommendations to make it look better. All you have to do is visit the site and drop your URL into the search box.

If the tool shows that your website needs work, then that should be treated as your first priority. Once you do this you will rank higher in search results, get more visitors and also conversions. If Google`s tool shows that you are good to go, then updating your website need not be a priority but you can still learn  ways to render your visitors with a better user experience.

Steps to make your website mobile- friendly-

If your website isn’t already mobile-friendly, let`s see how you can gift your visitors with the best user experience on their smartphones. Our digital marketing company in Dubai assists in driving organic and free traffic to your websites from the prospects of your target audience.

Let your website be responsive

Building a responsive website is the best way to make it work equally well on both desktops and smartphones. Responsive websites optimizes the same content and information depending on the device you open it from.

As responsive website have become the norm, there are many tools already available to convert your website to a responsive one. If that sounds tough for you, you can use a website builder that comes with responsive templates. It`s as simple as that!

Make information that people seek easier to find

People are too busy to rummage through truckloads of unnecessary information. Think about what kind of information your visitors will be looking for when they visit your website and make this information appear somewhere visible on the mobile homepage. Reducing the steps visitors have to take to find some important information on your website will make their overall experience a lot better.

Throw text-blocking ads and annoying pop-ups in the bin

Of course, no one likes them anywhere! Most visitors will not go seeking that tiny x to close the pop up, they will simply go looking for another website! If providing positive user experience is your ultimate goal, then refrain from allowing such kind of ads and pop ups that blocks your web content.

Your website speed is too important to ignore

Gone are the days of waiting impatiently for websites to load. If your website still loads at snail`s pace, your visitors will not wait! There are a number of tools and tactics available to make your website speed.

Keep it sweet and simple

Complicated websites with unwanted clutter is confusing, boring and annoying. It will be extremely hard for your visitors to navigate your site on a small screen. Stick to minimalistic design that helps visitors to easily look for what they need. Our web design company in Dubai curate websites with user-centric designs and engaging experiences that truly exceed user expectations.

Let your button sizes be large enough to work on small screen sizes

Buttons of any size are easier to click with a mouse, but what about your mobile screen? Always use large buttons and carefully place them on the screen to assist visitors to click on them hassle free preventing unwanted frustrations.

The APT Digital is here to help you grow your business by optimizing your websites for different screens and also drive traffic to your website from the organic search results. Associate with our Web development company in Dubai for websites that are technically optimized and responsive across all devices. We do everything right from the design stage to the development stage to gift you an excellent website that amazes visitors and boosts conversion.

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