How to Achieve Consistent Content Strategy for Digital Marketing in Dubai

How to Achieve Consistent Content Strategy for Digital Marketing in Dubai

Content is King!
But for a content strategy, consistency is the key.

Internet users in Dubai are incredibly savvy and particular. They expect brands to be more plugged-in and engaged online than ever before,

A consistent content strategy makes you relevant and helps in developing customer loyalty. It improves your SEO efforts too.

Tips that can help when creating a consistent content strategy:

Document a strategy

Document a content strategy that focuses on providing value to your audience. Formulate 3-5 long-term content marketing goals that connect to your company’s goals, mission and vision and document them. Break them into small steps and try to get them finished soon.

Develop an understanding of your audience

If you know your ideal audience, each piece of content will be successful and new customers will be generated. Focus on the top audiences based on their demographics and psychographics. Clear understanding of the target audience helps to develop personas for each brand segment.

Get to know how your product or service can solve the pain points of your customers and create content accordingly, looking for the obvious content gap.

Determine the style and tone of voice

Find the right style that will grab your visitors’ attention and make them come back for more. Consider your style and audience when you set your tone. This tone should be in keeping with your company’s positioning and the one already presented to the existing customers. It should be consistent throughout the content strategy. The right tone helps build a relationship with the right target audience and assures brand trust.

Use different types of content

Using a variety of content helps to keep your audience engaged over a period of time. Mix up one or two formats throughout the overall strategy.

Create more content with less

Remix and refresh your content. Create one piece of content and repurpose it to make more pieces for different media. Curate content from trusted resources, including your own perspective. Tap into your customers or social community for additional content ideas. You can also atomise content, by breaking one big piece into eight smaller pieces.

Create a Content and Distribution Calendar

A content calendar helps to streamline all the activities in your marketing plan. It will help you monitor your successes and short-comings and reschedule for maximum impact. It will help fill any gaps in your cadence and keep content consistent.

Make distribution top priority. Plan for it before you even generate a piece of content.

Measure your content marketing

The only way to know if your content strategy provides you with consistent results is through metrics that measure performance.

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