Social Media Trends in Dubai

Social Media Trends in Dubai

Social media users in Dubai spend most of their time on social networks. The Covid-19 era has brought social media to the forefront. When social distancing became the new normal, people switched to social media to watch the news, get entertained, and also connect with others.

The usage of messaging apps and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok has increased since the outbreak of the pandemic. Dubai has become the influencer capital of the world. The influencers are engaging more closely with their audiences now.

Concurrently, marketers and businesses are competing to gain attention on social media. With the overload of content, it is vital for brands to be updated on the latest social media trends. Here are the top trends:

Video Content

The most shared content on social media is video. Video creation should be made an integral part of your content strategy as it is the best way to hook your audience. Be it short-form videos on TikTok or stories or long-form on YouTube, videos will dominate the content in future.

TikTok, a part of Marketing Strategy

People are looking for more genuine engagement. Big brands have communities on TikTok and are driving user-generated content. Millennials and Gen Z are being targeted. The human or fun side of the brand should be portrayed, challenges need to be created and influencers should be involved.

Social wellness, a part of consumer engagement

There has been a shift to active engagement. Engagement with consumers in meaningful ways, generating interest in real-world opportunities are fruitful ways of achieving social wellness.

Pivot your strategy

Change, as your markets change. Identify the channels they use, the purpose, and when they use them. Social-led marketing and voice search are effective tools. Use new technology and more new channels and features, like Instagram shoppable posts.

Influencer Marketing

The content created with influencers should reflect brand ethos. Use disclosure statements and hashtags. Invest in 100 micro-influencers instead of one to reach specific audiences and improve engagement.

Shopping Channels

Shopping on social media networks has gained tremendous importance. Shoppable posts have become the norm. Social networks will in no time evolve as retail platforms.

‘Live’ and ‘Stories’

Many brands are using social media to live stream events, tutorials, marketing experiences, and other content. This helps to keep the followers engaged with the brand. Brand stories are also the new trend.

User-generated Content

User-generated content has to be an essential part of your content strategy as it is a cost-effective way to build brand relationships and create consistent quality content.

Social listening

Social listening tools allow brands to understand what their consumers think and are critical for the effectiveness of a social media strategy.

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