Top 10 Means To Raise Your Site’s Organic Ranking

Top 10 Means To Raise Your Site’s Organic Ranking

Having your web pages rank high in Google’s organic search listings for significant keywords can be quite beneficial for increasing site traffic. No matter how amazing your branding is or how innovative your product or service is, if you’re not on the first page of Google’s search engine results page (SERPs) for relevant searches, people may never hear about your company. While Google’s search engine algorithm is continuously changing, here are some basic tactics to get you started on enhancing your organic search engine ranks.

  1. Define a Keyword List

You’ll see a significant boost in your organic search rankings if you target the proper keywords for each page of your website depending on what you’re trying to sell, the message you’re trying to deliver, and where you expect to meet the consumer on their buying journey. Ask yourself the following questions;
• What keywords are most likely to result in conversions?
• What are the main topics that my keywords can be categorized into?
• What keywords could I write content for that will get me traffic and rankings?

  1. Incorporate your keywords into the page’s content

Because the placement of significant keywords in page titles, headlines, and body text can be a signal of relevance, you should include them early in your page titles, headlines, and body text. Make sure that you don’t ‘overstuff’ keywords. Reading your material aloud is a smart technique to avoid being penalized for ‘keyword stuffing’.

  1. Write meta descriptions that encourage people to click.

People read descriptions to get a sneak peek at your page and decide whether or not it’s worth visiting. As a result, you must present a compelling value proposition for why people should visit your page and read your material.

  1. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly.

Here are some suggestions for making your website mobile-friendly:
• Test your website on Google’s mobile-friendly tool
• Redesign your pop-ups to be more mobile-friendly.
• Make your call-to-action buttons mobile-friendly.

  1. URL matters

Keep your URLs clear and relevant to the page, as search engines like readable URLs. Blocks of numbers and special characters should be avoided. Keep in mind that shorter URLs perform better in Google search rankings than longer ones, so remember that while you build your website. Keywords should also be included in URL names, and they should be placed close to your domain name.

There is no quick fix for gaining search authority, but by being proactive, strategic, and adhering to top SEO practices, you’ll be in first place on Google sooner than you expect.
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