PPC or SEO? Which is best for your business?

Recent years have shown great demand and interest for Digital marketing where every business wants the best SEO agency in Dubai to increase their growth. Digitalization has totally taken over the metropolis of the future. Dubai being one of the favourite tourist and entrepreneur destinations, always supports innovation, development and modernization. And so, people from all over the world migrate here for business and a better lifestyle.

Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing. The agencies implement strategic planning to attract potential clients, thus helping to increase conversion rates through various digital channels. Digital marketing has also created a paramount impact on business setups in Dubai. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the mastery of promoting a website through keyword-based ranking and search engine visibility.

SEO for Higher ROI:

Users search with specific keywords while browsing the internet to get certain information about any particular service or product. Thus, the results shown by SERP are ultimately under the algorithm-centred ranking that makes your website rank at the top of the results. This is one of the basic motives of every digital marketing strategy. Google updates its search algorithm 400 to 900 times every year. Digital marketing companies comprise expertise and marketing professionals to track most satisfactory results and work closely with all the Google search quality guidelines. These individuals assist businesses by providing a cost-effective Digital Marketing approach. If you are looking for marketing your new venture, check out our blog, “What is the best way to market a local business in Dubai?”

SEO and PPC are two widely used Digital Marketing tools for generating website traffic or conversions, obtaining clients or potential buyers, and brand presence. But what is the difference between SEO and PPC? How can you get the most out of them? Which is the best for you? Let’s have a brief look over the same.

SEO vs PPC – What’s the Difference?

SEO is what compiles more traffic on a website using natural or organic methods. If it is a do it yourself, it’s free or cheap. Nothing other than using the appropriate keyword/links matters here, so that customers find you. SEO is a bit complicated and takes a while to learn the basics.

PPC or pay-per-click is when you’re paying search engines to increase the traffic being sent to your website. If done perfectly, PPC can bring more traffic and business with less funding. This works when an ad is placed on the website to increase visibility.

Takes a few monthsInstant result generation
Complex and involves many variables and steps. Simple and straightforward to implement. 
Cost depends on the type of service used. In-house experts are cheaper.PPC strategies are expensive, especially for competitive keywords. Need to pay for every click you generate from ads. 
May generate very little traffic in the beginning stages.As the ad runs, your website will receive higher traffic. 
Long-term benefits; helps to generate high-quality organic traffic to your website.In time, the impact of your ads on your website decreases. 
Improves search engine rankings, builds credibility and wins the trust of your target audience. Ads look very promotional and can be easily blocked.

Which is better for your Business: SEO or PPC?

As we know, SEO is the core of every asset. Without enough website optimization, the momentary benefits of a good PPC strategy would not even sustain over time. According to research and studies, pay per click is ideal when you are in the launch stage of a site or a product. It is an effective strategy if you want to achieve quick clients in the short term. Even though, PPC needs planning before implementation.

SEO tools, on the other hand, take a longer time to show their worth. Their impact will be more acceptable and permanent after achieving organic positioning. A Google strategist, Andrey Lipattsev, stated that the quality content and link building on the website are the two prominent factors that rank inside Google’s ranking during searches.

Integrating PPC and SEO

Now it isn’t about PPC vs SEO, it’s about achieving the best results for your business and marketing goals, combining both PPC and SEO. This integration helps businesses reap the most out of both marketing strategies. Using PPC and SEO in tandem simply assures that your keywords are always running perfectly. Here are a couple of possible benefits while using them together;

  • Using both the marketing strategy together helps to build credibility for your brand.
  • Assists in the generation of high-quality organic traffic to the website, thereby expanding the reach of the business.
  • Enables to extract data about keywords and conversions from PPC campaigns and implement them in SEO campaigns.
  • Helps in creating SEO friendly content for the website and intensifying SEO strategy.

The Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy:

Neither of them is better or worse when compared. Both the strategies go hand-in-hand. Both SEO and PPC strategies have been shown to produce the best outcomes for any organization. Implementing them together helps you quickly attain more clicks. The more clicks you get; the more is the traffic which contributes to more leads. Most importantly, understanding the terms matters. To summarise, the greatest Digital Marketing plan is SEO + PPC.

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