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Importance of Digital Marketing for Startup in Dubai

For the success of any business, the most important factor is an actionable plan; technical plan, sales plan, resource plan, infrastructure plan and the highly inevitable one- a marketing plan. While marketing can be tackled through traditional methods, the one that’s comparatively easier on the pocket is Digital Marketing.

Consumer behaviour is on a continuous roll and staying in tandem with every shift is a binding necessity for the survival and growth of a business entity and more so for a startup. To stay afloat in dynamic conditions is a task in itself but this can be handled quite smoothly with clear, defined marketing goals. The scope of digital marketing for startups stands wide and tall and holds the potential to rake in the much-needed attention on newly launched businesses.

Communicating a business’ unique selling proposition (USP) to the right audience at the right time using Digital marketing tools such as Social media marketing, PPC marketing and SEO guarantees to win half the battle, if crafted strategically. The effectiveness of strategies vary region to region and is largely dependent on the market maturity the business thrives in. A digital marketing agency in Dubai will certainly have insights on the right combination of digital marketing strategies you should adopt to boost the growth of your business. Benefits of Digital marketing for business are myriad. Here are 7 of them to drive you towards the growth camp:

  • Global reach
  • Ease to strategize with data and analytics
  • Better conversion rates
  • Cost effective in comparison to traditional marketing
  • Higher ROI
  • Trackable, measurable results
  • Real time outputs

Startups often are pinned down by shackles, while in the quest to achieve technological prowess. But a superiority in technology seldom promises sales. And that makes it imperative to allot a fair share of budget for digital marketing activities right at the beginning, so that, by the time the product or service is ready to hit the market, the business should have created a buzz and audience base. However, before defining a digital marketing strategy, a company should be clear on some fundamental questions- what do we want to achieve? And how can we get it? Depending on which stage an organization is in, they need to take different web marketing actions. The main objective is to increase awareness about the brand in order to get clients but most of the time basic questions like, why do you want to use social networks, who is your main target, remain unanswered. It’s just not possible to define a marketing strategy, without being clear on the basics.

Winning digital marketing strategies are conceived when marketers from a digital marketing company in Dubai or elsewhere, work hand in hand with business representatives to decode the apt digital combinations that should be implemented to garner visibility and reach. Choosing the social media platform for communication is essentially dependent on the sector the business falls under. When you are known by your target audience, it will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Essential Digital marketing tips for startups:

User Experience

Successful brands are built when your audience is able to engage with your brand name, your values, and your product. Developing a lasting relationship with your audience goes a long way. If you as brand are able to deliver unique user experience and value, you sure will have loyal customers. Digital marketing strategies must be designed carefully to appeal to the audience of your market. Researching and finding out what works for your audience helps the process to develop striking user experience primarily through content, communication channels and intuitive UI.

Social Media Channels

Digital presence and identity begin with your website and social media platforms. Social media is the key to leverage your brand awareness and value. An active social media strategy is one if the first things that startups should work on. Maximized growth is ensured by being consistent and regular in your social media strategy. Engaging your audience, communicating your message with powerful content is vital in any business industry. Effective social media strategies can have a far-reaching impact on lead generation and conversions, brand awareness and of course better search engine ranking.

Content creativity

The content you create and the medium you choose to employ greatly affects your business’ growth. Creating content that is unique and fresh is a herculean task, but it can have a strong impact on your target market. At all times, the audience is largely looking for content that communicates value. The idea is to deliver a tangible feeling to your audience that helps them connect more closely with your brand and product. Articulating simple and valuable content and publishing them at audience touchpoints is the essence of any content strategy.

Landing pages

Compelling, engaging, and high-converting landing pages is one of the top digital marketing tips for startups. When you begin with your paid marketing campaigns, you should have a landing page which converts prospects effortlessly. The landing page is the first interaction point with your customers and so it becomes extremely crucial that you concentrate on delivering a good experience to them.

Track, analyze and optimize

Digital activations bring in a stream of customer interactions and engagements. Analyzing what users like and what they don’t helps with important decisions of restructuring campaigns to maximize performance. Identifying customer triggers that yields sales help to build robust strategies for the future too.

Digital marketing needs time, effort, and dedication for it to work successfully. If you are committed to your startup, you can achieve your goals in no time and get results that you have always wanted, regardless of how tough the competition is. A well-crafted, data-driven digital marketing strategy drives traffic, generate leads, improves conversions, and increase revenue.

Run tests, tweak your campaigns, or hire an agency and let your startup soar heights that you have always dreamt of…

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